Sullivan Riehm Construction


Promoting a Culture of Safety

A safe work environment requires the cooperation of everyone to commit to construction safety procedures. A safe work environment is achieved when everyone on the team embraces a culture of following guidelines and industry standards. Through training, clear company policies and a qualified labor force, in conjunction with site meetings and industry awareness programs, SRC demonstrates its ‘Culture of Safety’ in every detail of the job.

construction safety proceduresSRC’s Safety Initiatives Include:

  • Daily Jobsite “Tailgate” meetings
  • Regular job site safety inspectors
  • Ongoing company-wide safety training
  • Attendance of industry and manufacturer training
  • New employee orientation program
  • OSHA, MN Safety Council programs
  • Operator qualifications assessments
  • Site supervisor training
  • Safety incentive program
  • Driver safety program
  • Company wide accident reduction plan
  • Company specific safety manual
  • Company issued safety gear
  • Daily inspections of all equipment for safe operation and scheduled maintenance of all equipment



  • Enrollment of employees in a Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
  • Conspicuous posting of all MSDS sheets, site hazards and mandatory safety requirements
  • Compliance with all DOT laws and regulations
  • Maintenance of all required licensing and certifications
  • Compliance with all OSHA laws and regulations